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With an already impressive career in music Terrence "Diesel" Hampton founder of The DieselHampton Music Group wanted to stretch his legs and go back in to field he loves production and promotion. 

Along his remarkable 25 year career in music "Diesel", as his friends call him, has been recognized as one of the most brilliant minds in music. 

DieselHampton is an accomplished producer, whose credits include, Bryson Tiller, Malik Yusef, Pastor Troy, The Iconz, Dawn Robinson, Sounds of Blackness, and a myriad of independent artists. 


DieselHampton worked for several major label artist under the former alias "Dj Dolo" including St. Louis' own St. Lunatiks. As a performer in his own hip-hop group the Avenjahs in the early 2000s, Diesel, has toured the globe and made the contacts which helped him in his career today. 

DieselHampton is also well renowned for his former online radio station, Dolo Radio, later DOLO RADIO REVOLUTION, which at its peak boasted 350,000 world wide listeners daily! 


DieselHampton also formerly worked as Director of A&R for G.O.O.D. Music's own Malik Yusef's label The Private Plane.  Currently DIesel is a lead producer and instructor for Malik Yusef's Bad Kids Klique, an online music instruction and coaching service formed to help cultivate new artists and present them with opportunities that normally wouldn't be presented to musicians not signed to a major label.

DieselHampton formed DHMG with the intent to find artists who are market ready and capable of making an impact in their genre of music.


DieselHampton currently produces, composes, consults, and directs several independent artists all while representing  DHMG.  DHMG is also working prominently in sync placements for multiple media projects worldwide.

DHMG is currently set to do amazing things in the world of music and is currently in the works with several international market places to promote music produced by DieselHampton


DHMG is currently seeking to work with several talented artists who are looking to put an emphasis on work ethic and are looking to go to that next level. 

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